Why They Can’t Go With You

I was struggling. I always knew that I wanted more out of life than I could ever imagine. I was always a big dreamer. The only part that I got wrong was trying to drag other people from one level to the next. Often times when personal baggage has been discussed the fact that people are the heaviest baggage of all is left out. It was drilled into my head that family was everything, you don’t leave people you care about behind (especially not family), and never get too good to take care of your family. Add all of this to the fact that I am naturally more inclined to help anyway and you can see what I mean……or maybe not because it’s happening to you right now. Every time I experienced success at a new level I tried to drag (now I didn’t say help up) my friends and family to that next level. I became that person who was trying to tell everyone how easy it was in hopes that they would speed up the process. Here is the thing about that though. Each and every one of us is set apart and on our own individual journey. It may take them an additional two years of living and learning to prepare them for the level that you are at and vise Versa.

When I started processing and trying to let go it was extremely difficult for me. Anytime that you are going against subconscious beliefs (some of which are iron-clad contracts) you have to work really hard and stay consistent. During my processing and trying times, I would often ask why. Why can’t they just see how awesome it is and just get it? Why can’t I just stay here? Why can’t I just drag them up to the next level? Why? Why? Why? Then it came to me. Well, not instantly but over time. I started to see how all of the things that have happened to me in my life has prepared me for the next level. That is just it. It’s not their time and it is not your burden to carry them. The thing is the weight is slowing you down. The lighter you are the faster and quicker you will be able to get there and inspire other people who are actually waiting on your key. Yes, you read that correctly, there are other people out there tied to your destiny, waiting to cross paths with you at an exact moment in time when they are ready for the next level. You can’t take certain people with you because your path is for you only. So prepare your mind and release people from your life. Don’t carry them and most certainly don’t allow them to pull you down. One day it will be their time just as one day it was yours.