What I released to start shifting my mindset

I wanted to hold on. I was operating out of fear. I was holding onto old beliefs, attitudes, relationships, situations, and values. I was allowing fear to keep me from the necessary changes. I was in this space of pulling and tugging a back and forth between my current self and the new me. I continued this gut retching process until one day I got tired. I was tired of living a mediocre life, settling, wanting more but not doing more, and putting my dreams/inner callings on mute. Once I got tired, I knew that I had to shift my mindset to that of unapologetic growth and for that, I had to let go. I started by taking inventory. 

Here are a few things that I’ve let go of on my journey.

The need for approval

The need to apologize profusely and explain to EVERYONE

The need to see the full path with safety levers along the way

The need to remain closed off

The need to operate from a place of lack

The need to hang on to fear and comfort for dear life

The need for everything and everyone to be familiar

Once I started to release my emotional and mental growth soared. Getting rid of negative mindsets was also easier! It was at that moment that I realized that by holding on I was blocking my own success. I simply couldn’t make room for anything else in this space (especially not a mindset shift) if I continued to hold on to things that no longer served me. If you are in the middle of struggling with something similar I challenge you to take advantage of the free download below. In the download you will get access to 5 days of journal prompts that will initiate the process of releasing. It’s free sis, so don’t wait to get started. Make room for the new amazing you that this mindset shift will bring about. Join me live on Facebook and Instagram for tips and to ask questions. Join the conversation by using the #releasetoshift or tag me to let me know how it goes? I’d love to hear from you!

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