If 2020 was a whirlwind…

2021 is your comeback year!

The Release and Plan for Increase Intimate Experience was created for the
woman who is ready to release the past, step into her power, and plan for a magnificent future.

In order to become HER² you have to release that of which you cling to & create space for your highest desire, life, and self!

-Felice c. webster

My Why

2020 is definitely the year to remember. Change has been constant, some plans have been placed on hold, and some of us have yet to catch our breath. I had so many plans this year and as I shifted to make space for the changes that were quickly coming my way, I noticed that releasing the previous goals & guilt that comes from not completing them was paramount. During my prayer and meditation time, God revealed to me that my sisters are struggling with this as well.

❔❔ So I want to ask you ❔❔

  • Does it seem like you set your goals for the year and then all hell breaks loose?
  • Do you feel as though your unaccomplished goals are clouding up your mind space?
  • Do you feel as though you can’t set and work on new goals because of the amount of guilt that you have from not completing the old ones?
    Are you ready to complete your goals in this new year?

I sent you an invitation to this event because I know that you can say yes to at least one if not all of the questions asked of you above.

In order to become Her² you have to release that of which you cling to, the good, the bad, all of it. In doing so you create space for what you truly desire. Release those relationships, release that guilt, release what you used to be and gain so much more!

2021 is your audacious and unreasonable year!

-Felice c. webster

I want you to know that I believe in you, that I hold the space for you to achieve those goals, meet those deadlines, and emerge anew. 2021 is your audacious and unreasonable year. It is time for you to receive that of which God has for you. One of the things that have kept me in a great place this year in spite of what has happened is my Success Sisterhood! I want you to experience a sense of sisterhood as well so I am cultivating that environment at the intimate experience. I want you to know that you are not alone in your journey!

It is my greatest honor to present to you…….

The Release & Plan For Increase Intimate Experience was created for the woman who needs to get ready for the promises that are coming to her. I created this intimate small group experience to give women the opportunity to be guided through the release and planning process in a safe space with other like-minded women.

The wait is over and now is the time to move forward!

❌ No more procrastination ❌ No more information overload ❌ No more uncertainty

During the Intimate Experience:
💎 We will go through a guided exercise to release all that which is holding you back from your meeting your goals and living your vision board life
💎 We will go through a planning exercise where you will set your audacious goals for the next three months and learn how to break them down into daily action plans
💎 You shall receive the love, connection, and support from everyone as we work through mindset blocks as well as set accountability agreements

Everything that you need will be provided for you. All that I ask is that you bring an open mind, a spirit of optimism, and a spirit of love.

The Release & Plan for Increase Intimate Experience includes:
✅ Attendee guide with worksheets and printable planner inserts
✅ Affirmation, goal sheets, and vison board template (to set your intentions and maintain your momentum)
✅ Release Session (create space in your life for the magic that is about to happen)
✅ Goal Mapping Session (create a goal plan and break it down into weekly and or daily steps)
✅ Success sister connection (get the accountability you need post-event)
✅ Q&A session with Felice’ that includes loveseat coaching
✅ Guided release and increase meditation audio (to refocus and gain momentum when you feel off track)
✅ Good Morning Mom Playlist (a collection of songs to raise your vibe so you can set the day blazing)

Super early bird bonus (ends Sunday, December 27th at Midnight)
📱✅ 4 customizable phone screen savers with my best affirmations
🤗🤯 One 30 minute 1:1 session with Felice’ to get additional individual support

Meet Your Life Strategist X Mindset Coach

Hi, I am Felice Webster a Mindset Coach & Life Strategist. I help mom’s release fear using mindset strategies! I help them create a goal plan and then I work with them on the daily activities and mindset shifts required to receive the promises that God has set aside for them.
I am so happy that you are here!
Nice to virtually meet you!

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