How To Shift Your Mindset On a Bad Day

 I was having a bad morning. I was groggy, starving, had a headache and I woke up late. The night before I was going over my goal list for the month of August and BAM, the overwhelm hit me. The NATS (negative automatic thoughts) started to take over and my subconscious was all like “where is the worry box, WE NEED the worry box!”. My physical response was to tense up in my shoulders and you guessed it, worry. The rest of the night was spent tossing and turning and worrying about random things like how I was going to pay for new siding and windows, how safe and comfortable my kids were, and how this new random bug got from outside to my bathtub. There is no wonder that the next morning was going to challenge me. Here are three steps that I used that day to comfort and recenter myself.

1. Dismiss the thought that a challenging day is a bad one

I had to stop telling myself that the day was bad. How could I possibly know? The morning was rough for sure but the day had yet to begin. What we tell ourselves over and over will manifest in our lives. Making a change in how you speak about your existence will start shifting your mindset. I want to challenge you to live life from a place of gratitude and abundance. This does not mean that you will be happy all the time! What it means instead is that you will take your challenges as learning experiences versus hiding from them.

2. Give yourself room to work through your normal emotions.

Running from your emotions will not make you feel better. Expecting to feel amazing all the time is not realistic. It is a natural part of life to experience a wide array of emotions. In my opinion, social media has most of us under the false assumption that life is bliss and the people who experience unhappy moments are the minority. That is simply not true. Shift your mindset toward the fact that a healthy release of your emotions is essential self-care because it is. On days like this, you have to open yourself up to a release and take time to process it.

3. Take a mental health day.

If you can’t take a mental health day take constant breaks throughout the day. If you can take this time to do things that recenter you. What do you like to do that brings you joy? Once you are done processing your emotions and releasing them participate in these things. If you are not sure where to start, I suggest Yoga, meditation, visiting or calling your favorite person, and or preparing your favorite meal.

Taking care of yourself is important every day. Even when it feels like you should be giving up. Societal standards (I can go on and on about these but I digress) teaches us that we have to keep moving even when we physically and mentally need a break. LIES SIS, ALL LIES!!!!!  You have every right to shield yourself, take care of yourself first, take time to mentally process events, and be good (I mean really good) to your mind and body.