During these amazing 8 weeks, I will coach you through the business birthing process. Mindset blocks are common and they will come up during the launch process. What I hope you do differently is lean into instead of dismissing or trying to affirm mindset blocks away. I will help you overcome coming mindset blocks so that you can launch your business leaning to common mindset blocks and overcome them invest in yourself take action to review the process apply what you learn and then do it all over again! Yes, you read that right and I not only coach you through your first lunch but I help you review and plan your second launch. Each time becoming better and better.  

Module/Week One

Mental/Financial Prep

Module/Week Two

Mental/Financial Prep

Module/Week Three


Module/Week Four


Module/Week Five


Module/Week Six

Prep for launch

Module/Week Seven


Module/Week Eight

evaluate/follow up

Module/Week Nine (bonus)

Initiate Re-launch